Our Business


Providing various types of high-quality Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

The availability of high quality pharmaceuticals and medical devices has become our priority in PT. Bunda of Global Pharma. Our standards refer to certifications of Cara Distribusi Obat yang Baik (CDOB) and Cara Distribusi Alat Kesehatan yang Baik (CDAKB). With pharmaceuticals and medical devices storage system that have passed National Food and Drug Agency (BPOM) and the Ministry of Health tests, we are committed to maintain the quality from our supply to the hands of consumers.

Marketing Team

Lead by a team leader who has experienced for more than forty years and assisted by team personals that are competent in pharmaceuticals and medical devices business, we understand the needs of consumers and producers along with their dynamics. We aim to establish productive partnerships for our clients and partners.

Integrated Distribution System CDOB & CDAKB

According to Cara Distribusi Obat yang Baik (CDOB) dan Cara Distribusi Alat Kesehatan yang Baik (CDAKB) certifications issued by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia and National Food and Drug Agency (BPOM), we ensure that each product is distributed according to the applicable procedure. Equipped with an integrated DMS (Distribution Management System), we strive to improve the functionality and effectiveness to provide the best service for our customers.

Excellent Service

PT. Bunda Global Pharma always provides the best service and sincere attention to our customers and business partners. We strive to improve our speed, accuracy, professionalism and hospitality to maintain the loyalty of our customers and business partners.


Pharmaceuticals and Infusions Distributor

We provide ethical and OTC pharmaceuticals needs. There are also crystalloid infusion fluids (saline, ringer lactate, Dextrose) and colloidal infusion fluids (albumin) for hospital and pharmacy needs. We, along with our Marketing Team have also become official distributors of several pharmaceuticals’ products and supplements such as:
- Goodway-Colostrum Milk
- Calcit D Mag-Calcium supplement
- Satoria-Infusion fluids
- Emjebe-Infusion fluids
- etc

Medical devices distributor

Due to high demand for medical devices, we strive to always fulfil the needs of our consumers. We provide surgical masks, faceshields, surgical gowns, wash laps, and various high-quality medical devices. We, along with our Marketing Team have also become official distributors of several medical devices such as:
- Ez-Klin – Antiseptic liquid
- Diamesco - Syringe
- Minosil- Handrub
- Grapera - Surgical Mask
- Wash lap - Goodhealth PWG

Ekspor dan Impor

By having the Import Permit from Pelayanan Terpadu Satu Pintu Provinsi Jawa Barat, PT. Bunda Global Pharma is committed to continue providing high-quality products from domestic and international. We test the products independently in specialized laboratories to ensure that our products are safe and giving benefits to our consumers.

Lokasi Bunda Global Pharma.